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The transformation of the world is brought about

by the transformation of ones self.


Bali Retreat Program

This Unique Bali retreat is not only enchanting, but also soulful. In our continual quest for wholeness, we will discover new energy and creativity born from conversation, caring, and compassion. Our Bali retreat is one of a kind. We may not call this a spa wellness retreat, but it truly is. It will center your body and enrich your life.

A sample of our Experiences
  • Evening of traditional "Kekak" dance and Fire walking ceremony in the village temple.

  • Lunch and learn about Indonesian cuisine at the famous "Fragrant Rice" cooking school.

  • Shopping in Seminyak (boutiques) and lunch by the sea in an open-thatched roof restaurant.

  • Live music at the “Jazz Café” in UBUD.

  • Visit to the home and museum of Antonio Blanco; the famous erotic artist.

  • Tour of “the Green School”- 100% Eco creative ~ a school like you’ve never seen before.

  • Visit to Mt. Agung- (called the “mother mountain”) and the largest sacred Volcano in Bali.

  • Sea Escape by boat to the secluded island of Nusa Lembongan with its sparkling blue water, naps in hammocks, and snorkeling by the sea.

  • Find a village child left out of school that we’ll sponsor from our heart’s calling.

  • Five spa treatments that are scattered throughout your stay, with ever so much pampering using natural essential oils.

  • Easy- adventure rafting in the afternoon as we pass picturesque rice fields and lush gardens.

  • Trek through a beautiful rice fields to an organic restaurants…very off the beaten path.

  • Explore the wonderful and exotic village of Ubud (Bali's cultural center).


beachsunsetEvery morning we’ll gather for a one- hour presentation we call Reflections, and an informal sharing time over dinner to add depth to our experience together.
Reflections will be addressing how you can live a life of serenity, passion, and joy. You’ll be presented lifestyle tools and thought capsules that will enrich your life and force the roots of our soul even deeper. We encourage journaling and naps; we also realize there is a need for personal time.
We’ll have our morning Reflections al fresco (weather permitting) in unique natural spaces and patios. Reflections will transform the way you think about yourself. We’ll be talking about inner independence and how we can close the gap between who we are and who we want to be. One morning we'll host a breakfast invitation to some of my Balinese friends for creative dialogue around culture and life in Bali.


towelsWe take great care to provide a safe, comfortable Balinese- style lodging in places of striking natural beauty. We discovered that too much moving around is exhausting. Our philosophy is that – it’s not about moving around, it’s about moving In. We’ll be at the first hotel for six nights and the second one for three nights.
Our main lodging will be nestled in the exotic village of Ubud, the setting for the book Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. This village is full of real Balinese away from the hustle of big city neon, a perfect place for a Bali retreat. It’s the ideal spot to find exotic dining experiences, shopping, and cultural events
All our accommodations are hand selected, with delightfully friendly service, swimming pools, connected natural pathways, and tropical Balinese architecture. We never stay in typical American type hotels and your room is more bungalow/villa like. We have several of these special boutique hotels that are our favorites, but all our hotels are full of photographic charm and truly Balinese by nature.
We encourage double occupancy and will gladly connect you with a potential roommate before the trip, but if you'd like your own room, that’s OK too.





Our retreats are now customized!

We discovered that groups are wanting a focused more customized orientation. (Our favorite size group is from 6-12 people.)
Here are examples:

Natural Wellness
Art and culture
Hand crafts and creativity
Mother and daughter
Students abroad
Organizational membership only
Shorter or longer experiences

Whatever your calling we would love to talk with you!

Please click here to contact us!


As all our retreats are now customized, the pricing below is a typical cost for a 10 day retreat.

Want to know more? (It doesn't cost a fortune)
As  we are doing custom retreats now, the cost will vary. However, for your general sense of budget, the average 10 day retreat / double occupancy  costs   US 3,000. ( Single Occupancy  is  an additional $500. ) Our part begins when Gusti will pick you up at the airport with a sign and his gigantic friendly smile.
Regarding the flight, many people have Frequent Flyer or American Express points they would like to use for the flight. Also, people are coming in from different places. When we receive your application, we can advise you with what has worked for us regarding flights and airlines. If you’d like to stay a few days longer we can help you with that too. We cover all breakfasts, one lunch and dinner the last night, but no other meals. We discovered that some people eat more or drink more than others. This way we all relax because all is fair. The good news is that food in Bali is not expensive and includes the tip. Trying many different restaurants is part of the fun and you’ll be delighted with the food and the ambience.

This ten-day/nine-night Bali Retreat package would include:

  • Our Eco friendly, hand crafted Bali Bag to bring with you.

  • All land transportation from the moment you set foot on Bali

  • All breakfast, one lunch and the last night celebration dinner

  • Program of morning Reflections

  • Balinese style garden accommodations in tropical settings

  • Swimming pool

  • Laundry

  • Five luxurious spa sessions for pampering and massage

  • Internet access

  • All taxes and tipping (they are 21% in Bali)

  • Art and cultural events and an array of adventures such as:


~ Going to the Ubud Temple to see the Fire Dancer in trance.
~ Be amazed at the artist home and garden of Antonio Blanco.
~ Raft down the beautiful Campuan River.
~ Shop the wild fashion boutique's of Seminyak.
~ Boat to the tropical island of Lembogan and "beach it" for the day.
~ Tour the entirely eco-unique Green School.
~ Learn about Hinduism and its culture at the famous Arma museum.
~ Create Indonesian dishes at the "Fragrant Rice" cooking school.
~ Visit artisan villages and meet the real Balinese and their way of life.


What is Not included:

  • Airfare to and from Bali, Indonesia
  • Additional lunches and dinners
  • Personal purchases
  • The $25 Visa entrance fee for Visa and $30 exit fee to leave Indonesia.


Program costs and payments:


As  we are doing custom retreats now, the cost will vary. However, for your general sense of budget, the average 10 day retreat / double occupancy  costs   US 3,000. ( There can be seasonal fluctuations)

Deposit: $500 due at time of registration. The balance is due four weeks before the event.

Both the deposit and tuition balance may be paid by personal check or credit card. We do not use your deposit until your application has been confirmed.

Next we send you a follow- up package which includes a welcome letter and more detailed logistics such as flight suggestions, passport and Visa information, currency, health and what to pack. We’ll also connect you to a roomy if you need one.
We stay in touch with you every step of the way.
The initial deposit is due at the time of application and payable in U.S. funds only. The tuition balance must be paid two weeks before the selected program start date. Refunds are available if you give notice of cancellation at least four weeks before an event ( less a $100 processing fee.)
Sterling Idea’s Inc. reserves the right to cancel and / or move the program to another date.

At the end of this trip you’ll feel deeply connected to Bali. Our last dinner together will be a celebration of sharing what was transformative about our experience together. The Wake Up Bali retreat environment is stress-free, flexible, non- competitive and fun!



I live in Bali full time now, and will look forward to speaking with you personally when I know your time zone and country.  Please include this information in your email. Email me @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sterling Ideas, Inc Wake Up in Bali Retreat

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