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Tuesday, 11 May 2010 01:55

Our sweet  friend in Bali, we call  Gusti , is telling us about the upcoming holy days  there,  so meaningfull to him:

In 3 days we are in Bali will celebrate  the holy day of Galungan.  Base on calculation  of the Balinese calender, Galungan day occurs  every 210 days.  and falls on  Wednesday Kliwon weku dunggulan.  Galungan is a celebration of Darma's ( Good) victory against Adharma ( Evil).  According  to the an ancient Balinese inscription Galungan is  a reason to show kindness towards others and cultivate  self-esteem in order to have prosperity in this life.  When the sun rises on this holy day, Balinese will go to their village temples bearing offerings. it's their way to get closer to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi ( the Balinese name for God) and to attain both physical and spiritual Balance. They pray and  give thanks to the God who has created this world and all its wonders.